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Koh Samui Longterm Rentals

Additional information about the differences and conditions for Koh Samui Longterm rentals

Kindly note that there are two different  kinds of long term rentals:

1.) Some of the holiday homes which are designed for daily/weekly rental periods, can also be rented for 2 or 3 month. These houses are equipped for holiday makers and provide fully equipped kitchens with pots and pans, as well as regular change of linen and towels, and cleaning service. They usually can be booked in advance within the normal booking range.

2.) Or houses which are designed for long term rentals of 6 and more month, but can also be booked for 1 month. These houses are furnished, but only provide a very basic equipment, usually no pots and pans, no towels and just 1 set of bed ware, because they are meant for people who already had a house on Samui and move, or for people who come to Samui for a stay of 6 month and longer. The first mentioned already have all equipment, and people staying 6 month or longer benefit from the lower rental rate even if they have to buy pots and pans. At one of the 20Baht shops you can buy your kitchen ware for little money and have everything new and idle.
Also the cleaning of the house usually has to be arranged separately and is not offered as a service of the owner. Rentals of 6 and more month usually are preferred, as bookings can only be made close to the check in date (max 1-2 month in advance)
Sometimes a request to an owner in July for a booking in December is answered: “ask again 15th of November”.