Thailand Visa Regulations

We strongly advise you to strictly follow the Thai Visa regulations.This saves you a lot of trouble during your holiday and also in case that you want to apply for another Visa for another stay in Thailand. For instance "overstay" (if you exceede the duration of your allowed stay) is not a peccadillo but a serious crime. Not only that you have to pay a fine of 500,-THB per day of overstay, but you also get a remark in the computer system which in case you apply for a new Visa may have the consequence that your request for a Visa will be rejected.

Visa on arrival:Arrival on Koh Samui by plane

For a stay up to 30 days, one needs a visa upon arrival. Europeans get a stamp at the airport into their passport for free.

Royal Thai Immigration Bureau has confirmed that holders of passports of UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Italy are since November 1 2013 given 30 days at land borders instead of previously only 15 days at the passport control also for free.

For a longer stay one needs a tourist visa, which is valid for 60 days. Travellers who intend to visit neighboring countries during their stay in Thailand, need to make sure to get a multiple-entry visa from the embassy, better even from the consulate. Upon leaving the country the tourist visa is invalid, even if the stamp date says otherwise. People who leave into a neighboring country before the 60 days are over, will get another 15 accordingly 30 days extension upon re-entry. You only get the 30 days, if you enter through an airport.

Tourist Visa: (siutable for those of you who plan a longer stay) Laem Sor Pagoda

If you would like a tourist visa multiple entry you can only obtain in your home country and regulations are very strict.

Required documents for the visa application:

On a Tourist Visa you receive  60 days which you can extent for another 30 days at any Immigration office in Thailand. If you plan to stay longer than those all together 90 days, and have a tourist visa multiple entry you must leave the kingdom (border bounce) to receive another 2 month which you can extent again and so on. (You pay the extension fee (1.900,- THB) for the 30 days at immigration office). You can do this 3 times, then you have to travel back to your home country.

For the border bounce you have to have the following documents:Ferry pear in Nathon

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We always try to keep our page up to date. But to our regret we can not guarantee and also can not be held liable for the correctness of the information, because regulations in Thailand sometimes change very quickly and without prior notice. Please always check the information online on the page of the Thai Immigration office.

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