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Important information for a relaxed stay on Koh Samui

Even though the local suppliers are constantly trying to improve the infrastructure, because of the high peak-period demand and due to weather conditions there can be disruptions in the electric and water supply. We ask our guest to use the resources of the island economical.

Water supply on Samuinamuang lake

Water is a rare and valuable good on the island of Koh Samui, and especially during the dry season  often is not available in a sufficient quantity. The water supply of the island is granted by 2 desalination plants, deep wells and 3 reservoirs.
The extension and dredging of the lake in Chaweng helps only temporary because the water streaming into the lake carries a lot of sediments which fill the lake up quickly and reduce its capacity drastically.
Again we would like to point out that water from a water tap does not have drinking water quality and without an efficient filter we strongly advise you not to drink it. Bottled drinking water is sold everywhere.

waterpipe on samuiYou can contribute to avoid such problems by limiting your water consumption to the really necessary and not wasting water. For example do not leave the water running while you brush your teeth. Also too extended splashing in your pool will not only annoy your neighbours but also increase the demand for water because the pools need to be filled up more often.

Electric power supply on Koh Samui

Also the electric power supply on the island Koh Samui is especially during peak-period demand not sufficient to satisfy the demand and power outages are a normal event here. Usually they take only a few minutes, but can also last for hours.

Many houses have an emergency lighting system (battery or generator) in a central place of the house that automatically switches on/off and provide pocket lamps or candles.
If you travel with children put a pocket lamp next to their bed and do an “emergency drill” old electric wireingright in the beginning after you arrive with the kids. This is fun and takes away the fear in case the light should not go on or all over sudden off in an unknown house. If you are a couple, use the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine illuminated by the romantic light of candles.
It also makes sense to take a pocket lamp with you when you leave the house in the evening, because some of the ways and parking grounds are not well-lit.

Also here you can contribute to improve the situation by avoiding unnecessary consumption and switching electric driven machinery, especially air conditioners,  only on when you really need the device or the light. Unfortunately there are still rental guest leaving their villa to go to the beach or shopping, leaving the air conditioning on to have it nice cool on their return.


The waste disposal and treatment on the island of Koh Samui is not at the state of art and the best strategy here is to avoid to produce garbage. Plastic bags are handed out very generously in shops and multiple wrapping is still standard. road on Samui

Do not let food and leftovers lay open, unless you want to study insects in your kitchen or like your toast with marmalade and ants. Following the food chain bigger and potentially dangerous animals like scorpions and snakes may appear. Use trash cans with a lockable lid. This way you avoid the trash being spread all over by the dogs.

Unfortunately after strong waves and wind you not only find the typical seaweeds and shells washed ashore, but also all sorts of floating trash. This is mainly carried out on the sea by the wind and rivers, but also by ferries, ships and boats. With the support of the local population, volunteers, schools, offices and associations the beaches and mangroves around the island are being thoroughly cleaned several times every year.

Please do not leave trash or glass bottles on the beach, and please do not throw glass bottles into the sea. When they break during the next storm they are a serious danger to all other bathers. Along the coast of Koh Samui you can often discover small, idyllic bays which you have all alone for you. Do not only take your own waist back with you, but collect some of the trash that the sea brought back. This way not only you can enjoy a clean beach, but also the next “discoverer” of the bay as well as nature will be grateful.

Still Samui is a tropical vacation paradise and nature will thank you for dealing with resources in a responsible way.

Wolfgang -

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