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General information about Samui holidays



For a stay up to 4 weeks, one needs a visa upon arrival. Europeans get a stamp in the airport at the passport control for free. For a longer stay one needs a tourist visa, which is valid for 6 weeks. Travellers who intend to visit neighboring countries during their stay in Thailand, need to make sure to get a multiple-entry visa from the embassy, better even from the consulate. Upon leaving the country the tourist visa is invalid, even if the stamp date says otherwise. He who leaves into a neighboring country before the 60 days are over, will get another 15 accordingly 30 days extension upon re-entry. You only get the 30 days, if you enter through an airport.

Royal Thai Immigration Bureau has confirmed that holders of passports of UK, USA, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and Italy are since November 1, 2013 given 30 days at land borders instead of previously only 15 days


What to look out for, what not to do:


Tourist season:

Tourist season is the whole year long, most of the time the weather is very nice with temperatures of 28 –to 38 degrees celcius. Because it is an island, and because of the gentle breeze, the high temperatures are also not felt to be a strain.The Months April and May are rightfully hot all over Thailand.Then it might be best to avoid the sun if possible.The rainy season is in October until November, as well as in June. The temperatures go down, and in general it rains especially in the evenings, the downpours may be short, but powerful. The main tourist saison is December until February, as well as July through September


The easiest possibility to move aroung on the island is the hailed shared taxi (Songthaeo). There is also a large amount of regular taxis, but greatly overpriced and therefore better only to be used in case of emergency. Apart from that is the possibilityto get a moped low priced ( 3-5 Euro per day) or a rent-a-car ( 15-30 Euro per day) The rental price depends on term of lease and model. But attention!!! Here in Thailand we drive on the left. Always drive defensiv and look ahead, in case of an accident, it’s always the foreigner’s fault, no matter how the accident happened.

learn more about driving on Koh Samui.....


In the last few years Koh Samui developed into a wellness oasis, and offers many possibilities to pamper the body. Not only the famous thai massages are being offered, also fasting, meditations, detox and much more with affordable pricing. Also, you do not need to fearwith a sudden illness. Several exquisit international clinics are at your disposal, measuring up to Europaeen Standards, if not even better.


To go shopping on Samui is a genuine pleasure. There are numerous little shops, boutiques, and indigenous markets, whereby you should not forget to barter. Besides, you wil find large shopping centers like the Central Festival shoping mall,Tesco Lotus and Big C where there is also a large offering of europaeen brand name products with fixed pricing. Whoever wants to have their clothes tailored, can find dressmakers in every location, it takes only a few days, but compare prices and quality.

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