Excursions - on Samui


Excursions by boat:

- Ang Tong Marine National Park

The National park encompasses about 40 small islands, and is well worth a day trip. You start with the boat from Samui in the morning and visit about 2 of the islands, most of the time meals are included in the priceAng Tong Park of the excursion. Within the island, surrounded by majestic limestone rock formations, you find an almost circular lake (Emerald Lake). On the main island you have the possibility  to venture on a strenoues hike on an unfortified path climbing to 400 meters hight. Once arrived on the platform, you have a spectacular, picture pretty view over the islands of the National Park. The other choice is to stay off the mountain, visit a cave, and use the very pretty beach. Cajaking and snorkeling is also available.

- Excursions to almost uninhabited small islands

To your leisure you may want to make a deal with a fisherman, and have him drive to any of the nearby off shore islands to feel like Robinson. Outfitted with a bag lunch and drinks you can have an undisturbed day on a lonely island, just make sure the fischerman understands to bring you back again in the evening.

- Diving and snorkeling on the island of Koh Tao

Koh Tao, also named turtle island, because of the shape, offers ideal conditions for diving and snorkeling. Fascinating for every under water sports person are the crystal clear waters with their coral reefs, and the colorful under water world. Deverse providers offer excursions to Koh Tao right here on the island. Included in the price is usually transport to and from the hotel, light breakfast on the boat (cola, fanta), lunch buffet, snorkel equipment and a life saving vest, also an insurance from the diving school and a English/ German speaking guide.

- Deap sea fishing on a traditional Thai fishing boat:

These specially converted boats offer the best equipment together with a competent crew.They hit the best fishing grounds around Samui, there you find dusky grouper, mackerel, red snapper, shark, stingray and more.

Excursions on Koh Samui:

Of course, also here you have the possibility visiting the sights on your own, rent a vehicle, or go with a well organized tour.If you should decide on a tour, there are group tours and individual tours where you decide, and compile the tour. The price per person then also depends on the amount of people.

- Butterfly garden:

This excursion destination is located in the south of the island. The Na Tien Butterfly Garden is a kaleidoscope of colors created by hundreds of spectacular butterflies. For the insect lover there is an insect museum of species from Thailand, and the surrounding countries, also a bee hive, where visitors can observe the activities of the bees

- Jeep – tours:

Jeep – tours are guided safaris, where you can see most of the attractions, as well as experience the jungle, and the mountainous world. It is offered by different organizers. But careful! Only use the upper seating if there is a propper railing. There have been several bad accidents.

- Samui aquarium and tiger zoo:

In the aquarium you can gaze in wonder at a multitude of fish and under water creatures from the Gulf of Thailand. You have the possibility to feed the catfish by hand, see turtles and many types of fish, beneath them also sharks, and the most diverse corals of this fascinating under water world.
One of the highlights of the aquarium are the birds and the tigers. All the birds are from  Asia, like Kakadus and diverse types of parakets. The Bengali tigers, and the young leopards are the prettiest predators on earth, and will offer a spectacular show for you. It is even possible to get a picture of yourself with one of these majestic animals. This place is ideal for children, even though you might have a hard time as an animal lover.The aquarium and zoo are older, and the rooms for the fish, birds and tigers are not updated to the newest standard.

- Snake Farm:

The snake farm is located in the west of the island. Dayly shows present diverse snakes and scorpions, reptile lovers may find the visit worthwhile.

- Crocodile Farm:

The Samui crocodile farm near the airport also offers exiting reptile shows for those who are fond of this type of animals.

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