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Koh Samui is a vacation paradise that provides activities for anyones taste.

Beach on Samui

On Samui we find many different kinds of beaches, from white, powdery sand beaches to rocky coastlines. Many small idyllic bays, as well as miles of beaches invite for a swim, sun bathing, or other beach activities. Often the palm trees grow right on the beach, and provide shade to the ones who want to avoid full sun.

Organised tours on Samui with many destinations and activities are available. Including boat trips to one of the nearby islands, jeep tours to the Samui highlands, exploring the country side on an elephants back. All this in the middle of the tropical forest, near water or the high mountains, many unique adventures are possible.

Amongst the leading places of interest are impressive complexes of temples, bizarre rock formations and waterfalls Angthon Meeres Nationalpark creating pools to swim in.

A wide range of sport activities are offered here on Koh Samui. Any imaginable type of water sports is being offered. In addition there are excellent golf courses as well as mini-golf and football-golf, mountain biking, guided walking-tours up the mountains and much more.

Wellness is a big attraction here on this tropical island Koh Samui. From the very popular Thai-massages to yoga and Thai chi, to spas offering complete detox-programs. There is something to be found for everybody to bring your body to a deep relaxation.

The nightlife here on Samui is multifaceted and knows nearly no limits. The island offers everything from dancing until dawn in a discotheque or a club, to chilling out in a fancy bar or a sophisticated lounge.

Restaurants offering Thai and International dishes can be found all over the island. Every taste is on Koh Samui represented. Everything, from simple cook shops at the side of the road with a few tables and plastic chairs, to luxurious gourmet restaurants with very high standards exist on Samui.

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